InvestmentPoints is an Online Portfolio Management application which provides recommendation based on algorithm to investors. The products recommended are of low cost and it is free from any human intervention. The Financial plans are generated dynamically by the algorithm.

How does InvestmentPoints work ?

InvestmentPoints tries to understands what are the requirements of the clients by asking few questions and they are as follows.

  • Age
  • Amount of Investment
  • Time Horizon of the investment
  • Risk Profile of the investors

Once these Data’s are provided by investors, then InvestmentPoints dynamically creates Financial Plan based on the data provided by investors.

The Financial plan shows how much should be allocated to which asset class and among that asset class what should be allocation to various schemes. It also shows how has the fund has performed in the past and what are the future expectations from it.

Do you charge any Fees ?

No, InvestmentPoints doesn't charge any fees.

InvestmentPoints recommends very low cost funds and earns approx 0.5% from them.

Why this asset allocation ?

InvestmentPoints creates financial plans or Portfolio’s based on asset allocation only. These asset allocations are designed by Industry experts who have won many accolades under their belts.

The asset allocation are designed by in such a way that it suits the risk profile, time horizon and age of the investors. Whenever InvestmentPoints feels that the investors can take higher risk then it gives it’s suggestion.

Why mutual funds only ?

The basic idea of InvestmentPoints is that it will recommend low cost and simple products. Mutual funds are the best low cost products in the industry. Expensive products never gives higher returns as most of the gains are eaten up by the product manufacturers & advisors. In case of Mutual funds if you invest in Mutual funds then you are taking less risk and you will ultimately end up making higher returns.